Choose Michelle Rodger for Renfrewshire South

Why? Because I’m passionate about fairness and equality, about protecting the vulnerable in our society, about ensuring that our sick have access to a well funded NHS staffed by well-paid nurses, doctors and auxiliaries, that is free at the point of use. About keeping education free so that our young people are given the best possible start in life. About ridding our communities of food and school uniform banks and ensuring that those who need welfare support get it, when they need it, without fear of sanctions.

Politics, for me, is about trust and choice. We trust the politicians we vote for to make the right choices for us. Choices like free prescriptions, free tuition, free personal care – here in Scotland the govt has made the choice to care for the young, the old, the vulnerable in our society. It’s a political choice to address welfare, the minimum wage, child poverty and there appears to be no political will in Westminster to do that. Do we spend money on welfare or do we spend it on Trident and illegal wars. Do we encourage a fair living wage or do we turn a blind eye to bankers bonuses? We need to have the powers to make those choices and that for me comes with independence.

And we need to win this seat from Labour so we can ensure the right choices, our choices for Renfrewshire South, are made in Holyrood.

When you’re selecting a candidate, looking for the best person to represent you and your fellow constituents, you also have to make a choice and trust that candidate to do the very best they possibly can in Holyrood and for the people living in Renfrewshire South.

At the end of the day, all of the SNP candidates want the same things, we want a socially just society, with well paid jobs and no food banks, a great NHS, opportunities for our young people, a benefits system that works and supports the vulnerable in our society. We want to get rid of Trident. And we want independence for Scotland.

I’d like you to trust me to work for you. If I am your choice of candidate for Renfrewshire South – I won’t let you down.

Thank you for taking the time to watch the short video and/or read this post – if you’d like to know more about me and why I think I’m best qualified to be the Renfrewshire South candidate, have a look around the rest of my website – or my facebook page Michelle Rodger SNP.

You can get in touch via both channels to ask any questions, I promise to answer quickly – and honestly.

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