Most likely to beat Jim Sheridan? Michelle Rodger


I’m hugely grateful to John Daly for his words of support – it’s great to know that members have listened to me, believed me, and are prepared to back me. Thank you, John

John said: “I first encountered Michelle Rodger during the referendum campaign when I joined Business for Scotland.

“Michelle’s contributions to the debate always struck me as insightful, thoughtful and relevant.

“Never one to call a spade a sophisticated digging implement, Michelle called it as she saw it – and she always saw it clearly.

“Since the referendum, I have heard Michelle speak at the Gryffe Branch monthly meeting and at the hustings in Renfrew Town Hall.

“She exudes confidence, ability and honesty. She readily acknowledged that she didn’t know the answer to a question at the hustings, rather than try to flannel her way through a response. That impressed me.

“From the three excellent candidates, I have tried to envisage which one would be most likely to face up to and defeat Jim Sheridan and for me, that’s Michelle.

“I’m John Daly. I’m a member of Gryffe Branch and I will be voting for Michelle Rodger to be SNP candidate for Paisley and Renfrewshire North constituency in the forthcoming Westminster Election.”

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