Local activist chooses Michelle

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Pauline Ward is an active member of the SNP locally. She heard me speak at the Erskine hustings in Bargarran Community Centre and decided to vote for me. Here, she explains why:

“As a mum and a legal professional, I chose and voted for Michelle as my preferred candidate number 1. I was impressed by her role in Business for Scotland and her life experience as a journalist and communicator.

“We are lucky to have three strong candidates in our ward, but for me it had to be the candidate with the best chance of beating Jim Sheridan.  With her background in communications and the way she presented herself at the Hustings, Michelle impressed the most.  Her speech was clear and articulate, I could envision her as my MP at Westminster.

“I noticed she was the first candidate to have some innovative ideas, such as her ‘vote for me’ YouTube video.  Innovation and professional presentation is what we need.

“Having an adult daughter in the Scottish Youth Parliament will, in my view, make her best placed to connect with the younger vote.

“Finally I felt that her professional profile will help to get her elected as MP if she is chosen as our candidate.

“Vote Michelle, I did.”

Thank you Pauline!

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