My candidate statement

This is the statement you’ll be receiving if you’re an SNP member in the Renfrewshire South constituency. Please have a read and get in touch if you’d like to ask any questions.

I became involved in politics as a result of the Referendum, through Business for Scotland. As a journalist and businesswoman I wanted to understand the economic facts of independence. When I joined BfS it wasn’t as a board director or Glasgow group leader, which I am now, it was so I could talk knowledgeably to family and friends about why Scotland should be independent.

But enthusiasm took over: I organised public events, ran the crowdfunding campaign raising £31k, helped create videos aimed at women in business, supported media relations and spoke at dozens of events across the country.

On September 19 last year I decided my work wasn’t finished so I joined the SNP, I’m now the Gryffe branch secretary. I was also voted onto the National Committee of Women for Independence.

I have no direct experience working in politics, just the life and work experiences of being a mum and a businesswoman. Like many of you, I’m part of the incredible grassroots movement, the hundreds of thousands of Scots who changed our country forever. I believe I truly represent those who engaged with politics for the first time: we share passion and desire for a different kind of politics, I know we can continue to change Scotland for the better.

What motivates me? The rise in the use of food banks and the need for uniform banks to clothe our school children, increased in-work poverty, lack of gender equality – we need a vibrant, prosperous Scottish economy to address these social issues. The fact we have weapons of mass destruction 30 miles from the biggest city in Scotland is abhorrent.

I would love to be your MSP, I will work hard every day to tackle inequality and austerity, to prioritise policies that will care for and protect the vulnerable in our society at the same time as creating good, well-paid jobs and growing our economy.

But first I have to win your vote in this selection process. Please vote for me and then campaign with me to take on Hugh Henry MSP – and win!

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