Personalities, not policies

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Heartfelt thanks to my friend and business colleague Dave Loudon for this unsolicited testimonial which he posted to my personal Facebook page today.

He wasn’t at the hustings in Renfrew last night, but his words demonstrate the point I was making: that this selection process isn’t about policies but about personalities.  All three candidates want the same things, the very best for Scotland and independence, of course.

So it’s about choosing the person you can see in Westminster, standing up for their local constituents and for Scotland; the person you trust to do the very best they can, every day, for Scotland; the person you would like to go to at a local surgery to raise an issue or ask for help and trust they would go the extra mile for you.

Over to you, Dave.

Let’s see someone real in Politics.

Politics can be a funny old game. Funny in that it seems to be the only job where you can promise a lot, deliver little and still keep your job.

From time to time you get some real rewards, sometimes you see a difference being made, but more often than not at the moment we see more and more conveyor belt politicians. If you want career politicians, groomed from the right School, the right University, the right look, then fair enough, you can find them in the Politicians’ Pound Shop. They are ten a penny. If, however, you want a real person, with real aspirations, and who I believe could make a difference to not only the people she would represent, but also the country as a whole, then look towards Michelle.

Michelle is that person.

I have known Michelle as a business colleague for some years. I have known her as a friend for the same amount of time. That is the secret, Michelle was a friend from the very first moment of meeting her. This quality is one that should not be underestimated. If you want someone who can connect from the very first second then:

Michelle is that person.

I, like many others, look at the world of politics as full of self obsessed people, in it for the power, in it for the glory. This is wrong. We need politicians who are real. Politicians who are kind and who will be your friend in time of need. Times are still tough. People are still struggling to make ends meet. People are needing friends in the world of politics.

Michelle is that person.

So, my plea to you is that, if you are thinking about the type of person you would like to see represent you, choose someone who has heart, who is kind, and will be your friend in time of need.

Michelle is that person.

Thanks for being my friend Michelle.

David Loudon
Owner and Director of DtL Creative.

Thank you Dave!

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