“Politics needs change” – Gillian O’Neil

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I’m delighted to have this testimonial from fellow businesswoman Gillian O’Neil.

Gillian said: “Scotland needs change, and needs people in positions of influence that can make that change.  Influence in the true meaning:  the natural ability to lead, guide, inspire and get results.  That is why I wholeheartedly endorse Michelle Rodger for this position.

“I have known Michelle for 17 years in a professional capacity and now I consider Michelle a good friend.

“Last year during the Indy Ref campaign, Michelle worked tirelessly towards the goal, she encouraged, she motivated, she inspired across the spectrum from business owners, to school teenagers and committed hours of time to the cause.  She gathered the facts and she educated others. As part of Business for Scotland  Michelle went the extra mile, engaging with businesses across the country.  Michelle was also pivotal in my decision to join the  SNP on the 19th September 2014.

“Professionally Michelle is a first class business woman, she has been on an entrepreneurial journey, has a very impressive resume and has built many businesses and mentored many young people along the way.  Michelle has the natural ability to take on a task, work through the challenge and deliver results.. That is what Renfrewshire needs, calibre and quality.

“Politics needs change, it needs passion, belief, trust, and an abundance of commitment and that is why Michelle Rodger is the perfect candidate for this seat.  Michelle is reachable, approachable and in post will be an amazing representative for the SNP.

“Michelle’s journalistic background has given her the foundations to be articulate and inquisitive yet she has always had strong core moral values in everything she has applied herself to.

“Knowing the tenacity and will power that Michelle has, she will be a perfect candidate for this role.”

Gillian O’Neil, CEO & founder of 29studios.com

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